Shaytham fan fiction bad writing

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Shaytham fan fiction bad writing

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His face still blank he pushed Shay down onto the bed almost casually. Then a slow small smile crept to his lips, loosening his tie he pulled it off and thoughtfully snapped it taught before discarding it and undoing the top button of his shirt. It had been a very long day but finding out Shay had slept with liam changed things. He was hurt more than he cared to admit to himself. Right now the Irishman didn't know he'd found out, Haytham had shown no outward sign, no anger, no disappointment, but he was furious. Yet another betrayal on top of a lifetimes worth. The last man who'd betrayed him he'd killed, staring deep into his eyes as the light faded. He was uncertain if he could kill Shay, although this was a betrayal, death seemed a harsh punishment. All afternoon he'd planned what he'd do, so here he was.

Slowly he climbed over Shay, settling himself comfortably between the man's legs gently stroking the scar that ran down his lovers face, still pink and barely healing. He pressed his lips gently and lightly against the other man's, subtly brushing them dryly across with barely a breath. Raising himself on his elbows he slowly began undressing Shay, one piece of clothing at a time, stroking and caressing each patch of skin as it was exposed, completely and utterly focused on his task, single minded focus on the man beneath him. It took a while but once he was naked, Haytham removed the discarded clothing from the bed, gathering it up and placing it on a chair to the side.

He took a moment to appreciate his lovers body, the hard firm muscle, light dusting of hair, the trail that led downwards from his navel, sculpted thighs and lean physique. His lover was a delicious sight and his resolve faltered a moment before he remembered Shay had given himself to another. Easing his suit jacket off he placed it on top of Shay's clothes on the chair and removed a black bundle from a pocket. With an inhale he rolled the bundle under the bed and fiddled around out of sight a moment before leaning over Shay in a sideways kiss, fastening a handcuff around his right wrist. He hadn't spoken since entering the bedroom but broke it now, "hold still Mr Cormac and this will be an experience you'll never forget."

Slowly climbing over the figure on the bed rubbing his whole body teasingly over to the other side, Haytham fastened the other end of the cuffed strap over Shay's left wrist and pulled at the strap, tightening it under the bed, pulling Shay's arms out to the side immobilising him enough that he wouldn't be able to break free without the key.

Haytham encouraged Shay up the bed, the strap sliding freely up to allow him to sit propped up by pillows on one side of the bed. "Make yourself comfortable, you'll be here a while."

Haytham seated himself down on the bed, kicking off his shoes and bringing his favourite book out settled himself down to read placing pillows so that his lovers arm wouldn't be crushed as he rested back.

Ignoring the naked man next to him took all his willpower and he tried to go is on the book and ignore the fidgeting and comments that Shay made. Some time passed And the man became quiet. Glancing down, Haytham saw that he'd dozed off, probably out of boredom. He allowed his hand to wander down the naked chest, lightly caressing, absently flicking at the firm nub of a nipple before moving on. A small gasp let him know Shay had awoken and for a moment stilled his hand before starting again, carrying on with his book. After a while he bored of playing with the man's chest and moved lower, lightly teasing the fine hairs leading downwards instead. Long fingers continued downwards, stroking and each time he touched the base of Shay's cock he moved back upwards for a while, restraining from direct touch.

The next chapter started and Haytham moved on to the man's thighs and began reading out loud. It was some erotic fiction. Not his usual choice but chosen for content rather than quality. Shay had mentioned once that he'd liked to hear him talking dirty, that he thought it was sexy, so he'd purchased the book in the hope that it would be useful one day, and here he was, reading the filth and hoping that it would do the job. His well educated voice taking its time with each languid description of the sexual acts on the pages making his fingers tingle against skin and tested his self restraint, giving in he finally touched Shay's cock, lightly at first but with increasing firmness. Wrapping his fingers around the shaft, Haytham had to shift position as his own growing erection made itself known and he slowly began stroking Shay to hardness, fingers gliding, pulling and twisting at the silky flesh as he carried on reading out loud.

Once his lovers hips began jerking against his hand he stopped and reaching in to his back pocket pulled out a metal ring and slipping over Shay's cock slid it home to the base before returning to jerking him off. Finally tiring of reading about other people fucking he threw the book down so he could feast on the Irishman tied down for him.

Shay lay there panting with desire, fully erect, spread out like a banquet before him. Standing he slowly began to undress, hands trembling slightly as he did so. Shirt finally fell away and he had a moment of trouble unfastening his trousers as he found himself hard, straining against fabric. Eventually naked he retrieved the lube from the bedside table and positioned himself between his lovers legs with a hitch in his breathing.

"I want you to watch Shay. Every moment." Haytham's voice was hoarse and strained, for all Shay was at his mercy and hurt him, Haytham just couldn't bring himself to force Shay into this. It had been done to him and never would he let someone else suffer the same way. He lubed up his fingers and stroked Shay's cock and balls before teasing at his entrance, probing and softening the puckered skin. His other hand slid up to play with the muscles of Shay's stomach while he lowered his lips to gently lick the swollen head of his cock, the ring at the base keeping him firm. Haytham wanted Shay to beg him for release, to beg for his forgiveness and mercy.

Finally he pushed the tip of his finger inside Shay, up to the knuckle, slowly withdrew then pushed in again, deeper this time. He started breathing harder at the sounds Shay made, the whimpers and groans as arousing as the sight of him. Repeatedly he drove into the tight hole before adding a second finger into the heat curling his fingers around, pressing and pumping them into the man relentlessly. Feeling the muscles give and soften he added a third finger making Shay buck and write as Haytham fucked him with his hand.

Dimly Haytham admired Shay's stamina. He was barely holding out just touching the man and if things were the opposite way around he wasn't sure if he'd have held out so long. Clenching around his hand made him decide that now was the time. Pulling his hand away he lubed himself up a little before adding more to Shay's backside and raising his lovers legs up so that he was almost folded in half, but open enough that he would be able to watch as Haytham slid inside him, so very slowly and inch by inch. Rocking slowly once fully seated he felt surrounded by the man and although hurt and angry he felt more disappointment that he hadn't been enough for this man who was his equal. The only one he'd ever found. Haytham couldn't, just couldn't lose him and would give him a chance to talk and explain himself. A chance that no one else would ever have had. He drowned in his desire for Shay and pumped his hips harder  and faster, his groans and wet noises filling the air. His lubed hand pulled at the metal ring on Shay's cock managing to ease it up and let the man orgasm at last as Haytham fucked him hard, every ounce of energy and control forced from him. The familiar heavy heat emerged and burst through him with a violent shudder and he shouted out Shay's name as he came. It seemed endless, streams of heat coursing through him, veins on fire, collapsing over the tied up man beneath.

Once catching his breath he rolled off Shay and grabbed at the keys in the table and unlocked the manacles that held his lover captive then rolled onto his back with heavy eyes and blank face as he realised he'd failed in his purpose to make the man pay for his infidelity.

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