Alone and Stranded

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Alone and Stranded

Post by Assassino on Sat Apr 01, 2017 8:19 pm

It had been well over an hour since Hawke and Isabela had left, giving little to no reason for their sudden departure; only that they would be back soon. Of course, Fenris had been reluctant to be left alone with Anders, they had been at each other’s throats for the best part of the journey and now here they were, alone somewhere in the Free Marches, miles from anything even remotely resembling civilisation.

Dusk had set in by the time the elf shifted from the tree stump he’d perched on, which was conveniently as far from the mage as he could reasonably manage. Little was said between them, aside the occasional bitter remark about whose fault this was. Slowly as time had gone by, both stranded party members held the firm belief they’d been ditched because of the constant bickering, but neither were willing to accept blame or that Hawke would do that to them.

Walking into the grassy opening where Anders had stayed since they’d both been ditched, Fenris muttered a few choice words in Tevene as he laid his eyes upon the offending mage. “This is stupid; I’m going to find them.” Voice a low gravelly growl, the elf passed the blonde, as he started in the same direction Hawke and Isabela had left in. They could be anywhere by now. The chances of actually finding them would be slim, but Fenris’ patience was wearing thin, not that he’d agreed to this in the first place. Hawke would pay for ditching him with the mage, especially if he’d simply gone off to have his way with Isabela.

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